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62% of the US population use Facebook everyday. Add Instagram to the mix, and you have anenormous opportunity to attract new patients where they’re hanging out online.

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“"Honesty, Integrity, Transparency. Isaac and his team are a true pleasure to work with. Not only have they reduced overall cost while maintaining efficiency, they have collaborated on projects outside the scope of initial presented guidelines. I would highly recommend their services."

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What We Do (In A nutshell)

Our in-house team of social media advertising experts will help you create content that helps increase awareness of your practice, engage your target audience, and profitably schedule new patient exams.

We’ll handle all aspects of the process, including designing your ads, setting up your campaigns, analyze the data and optimizing performance to schedule more new patients over time.

Facebook is the perfect place for practices of all sizes to market. There are so many opportunities to get your message in front of new potential patients, that you have a virtually endless number of opportunities to grow you practice. Add in Instagram ads, and you have even more opportunities for new patient acquisition.

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Our Approach to Facebook and Instagram Ads Management And Social Media Advertising

Running Facebook and Instagram Ads or for an orthodontic practice may look simple, but it actually takes a lot of thought and strategy to drive new patients into your practice at a reasonable cost.

Understanding Your Business (Very Well)

While we have a team of social media experts on hand, we also have the experience of running Facebooks and Instagram ads in our own practice. We’ve spent thousands testing and optimizing our social media strategies to learn what works, so we can skip the learning curve and use only the proven winners in your practice.

Telling Your Story

Our in-house graphic design and video team can create beautiful, visually appealing ads. But we’ve also found that featuring you and your team will outperform stock images or videos every time. That’s why we work with your practice to help create videos that feature you. We walk you through the video capture process, edit your videos, and then will show your video on social media. By telling your story we will be able to consistently increase new patients and decrease costs.

Campaign Strategy Development

There are a lot of ways to waste money on Facebook or Instagram. Simply “boosting” a post or running a special offer to a cold audience may not be enough to create a measurable difference in your practice. To get a consistent stream of new patients in your practice you need a “funnel” which first creates awareness, retargets audiences to keep them engaged, and then asks them to consider becoming a patient. Without a solid strategy advertising on Facebook or Instagram could simply just take cash from your budget without any results to show for it.

Data Analysis and Optimization

Not every ad or video placed on Facebook will perform well. Successful Facebook marketers are constantly changing, testing, and optimizing ads. Our team analyzes your live campaigns, and work to optimize every element of the account. We also change the ad designs, videos and other elements periodically to avoid “ad fatigue” and make sure your campaigns continue to give you an excellent ROI.

Precision Audience Targeting & Multiple Campaign Types

You probably have a pretty good idea of your ideal patient. You also might have a hunch where most of them live.

With combining the data available inside of Facebook, plus purchasing customer lists, we can be laser-focused and make sure we show ads to people who are your ideal customers and who are in the market for orthodontic treatment.

Age, Location & Parental Status

Income / Net worth

Home Type

Previous Website Visits

Custom Designed Ads

We really, really hate ugly ads and videos. Generic, ugly ads that look like every other orthodontic practice usually turn people off. Our in-house team of graphic designers and video designers and stubbornly perfectionist and insist on only the best quality.

Fully In-House Team Of Social Media Marketing Professionals

Our 100% in-house team of Facebook and Instagram advertisers bring the experience of managing not only Premier Orthodontics’ social media accounts, but also over 100 orthodontists throughout the US and Canada. We realize that nothing can replace the thought and analysis of a real human looking at your accounts and making sure the money you spend on advertising gives you the best ROI possible.

Included In Our Facebook Ads Management Services

Whether your social media advertising budget is dedicated to Facebook, or allocated to multiple social media ad networks like LinkedIn and Twitter, we’ve got you covered with all the aspects of professional agency management.

Landing Page Creation

Driving new patients to your website may not always be the best strategy. A practice website can sometimes cause “information overload” and can create more questions than it answers. Our team will create and customize landing pages that work hand-in-hand with your Facebook ads that address specific questions or concerns based on what the prospective new patient has shown interest in and what content they’ve viewed.

Custom Content Creation

Pictures and videos that feature your practice and your employees will always work best. We will guide you through the process of capturing videos and our video editors will make sure you look amazing!

Whenever possible, we want to avoid “cookie-cutter” ads that feature stock images that look like every other practice in town. We will make sure you have the best, most engaging ads of any orthodontist in your market!

Our team configures regular reports to be delivered to your inbox on a schedule that works for you detailing all the key performance indicators important to your short term and long term advertising goals.

Transparent Reporting

We will create a dashboard that will show you real-time key performance indicators of your social media campaigns that you will have access to 24/7. Additionally your dedicated account manager will give you updates and reports on a regular basis to let you know how your ads are performing.


Remarketing is a tool that allows you to show ads to your previous website or landing page visitors. People who have visited sites can be served ads when they’re browsing other websites, such as blogs, news sites, or other social media sites.

These remarketing ads are included with your Facebook ads management. Our team will install and configure all remarketing pixels plus manage your remarketing audiences.

Our Social Media Ads Management Tech

Our in-house team brings creativity and expertise while using all the tools and technology the industry has to offer.

"A great team to work with. I was impressed by their attention to detail and genuine desire to learn about our company before they took on our ads. They have a very talented design team and their ad copy was also top class."

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Read What Some Of Our Clients Are Saying About Ortho Marketing DFY
Dr. Mike Wilson of Wilson Orthodontics – Durham, NCDr. Mike Wilson of Wilson Orthodontics – Durham, NC
In the last 3 months working with Ortho Marketing DFY we’ve been able to implement more of marketing systems than I did in the previous 3 years by myself. I’ve been able to check things off my to-do list faster than I thought possible!
Dr. David Muench of Muench Orthodontics – Vestal, NYDr. David Muench of Muench Orthodontics – Vestal, NY
I would have had to hire more employees or spend 12 months by myself to implement the systems that Ortho Marketing DFY implemented in the last 2 months. We just had our best month in the history of our practice and I’m confident that we will continue to grow…
Dr. Derek Straffon, Straffon Orthodontics – Denver, CODr. Derek Straffon, Straffon Orthodontics – Denver, CO
Our word of mouth referrals doubled in our practice after implementing the Internal Marketing Masterplan.
Jimmy Nicholas, of Jimmy MarketingJimmy Nicholas, of Jimmy Marketing
Currently, our company helps 70+ orthodontists with their web marketing. We have referred dozens of the doctors we are working with because of our confidence in the Ortho DFY systems. We have found our clients we utilize Ortho Marketing DFY have increased the number of new patients coming into their practice and starting treatment. On top of that, the team at Ortho Marketing DFY is extremely professional, responsive and friendly.
Dr. Michelle Jorgensen of Total Care DentalDr. Michelle Jorgensen of Total Care Dental
I’ve been working with Ortho Marketing DFY for some time now. I’m continually amazed at how simple the make everything for me. If I have an idea for marketing, they know exactly how to make it happen. But the best part is that I don’t even have to have ideas! They are overflowing with ideas to share and implement, and because they are dentists themselves, they actually use the right words! Their results are incredible and I always look forward to seeing what they are doing next. From online and social media marketing to print and even patient events, they will help you make it happen.
Dr. Dustin Burleson, Speaker, Teacher, Author and Founder, Burleson SeminarsDr. Dustin Burleson, Speaker, Teacher, Author and Founder, Burleson Seminars
After coaching hundreds of orthodontists I know all the reasons why implementing my marketing strategies can be so difficult. Most doctors are busy seeing patients and running a practice and can’t do it all themselves. You really need a team behind you to make this happen. Dustin and Tyler Coles get it. Not only have they used my marketing content and new patient conversion strategies to grow their own successful orthodontic practices, but they have also assembled a great team of professionals that can do the same thing for you. If you’re finally ready to boost your practice with the marketing, management and conversion strategies I’ve created and have successfully used to generate over $300 million in orthodontic revenue for my clients and privately-held practices, you need to stop what you’re doing, run to your phone or computer and get in touch with Dustin and Tyler Coles immediately
Dr. Blake Borello of Borello OrthodonticsDr. Blake Borello of Borello Orthodontics
Dr. Coles was extremely instrumental in developing and helping our practice develop and implement a CONSISTENT referral acknowledgment program. Prior to us working with Dr. Coles, we had done many things in an attempt to thank those that referred to our practice, of which, a lot of my time was required and was hit or miss at best. We now have a system down that takes one of my staff members 20-30 minutes once a week and the referring families are loving it. I would highly recommend working with Dr. Coles on a similar program for any office that values word-of-mouth referrals as they make it simple and effective. Thanks for your help Dr. Coles!
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3180 S Gilbert Rd. Suite 1, Chandler, AZ 85286

Ortho Marketing DFY is a marketing implementation company for orthodontists and orthodontic practices. We help practices experience rapid growth through proven done-for-you and worry-free marketing systems for orthodontic practices that can be setup and implemented quickly.
Our done-for-you marketing systems for orthodontic practices include postcards, magazine ads, patient newsletters, referral contests, patient reports, doctor referrals, coupon mailers, continuing education events, community events, marketing automation systems through Infusionsoft, press releases and more.
Our marketing systems for orthodontic practices will help you get more new patients, guaranteed and we have a plan for every budget. To request your Strategy Session with Ortho Marketing DFY, click here.
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