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Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I do a print newsletter?

Print newsletters are a great way to retain and gain patient engagement.  By getting into your patients hands, you are able to keep your practice in their mind and encourage them to participate in contests, etc.  This also ensures that your information is reaching them if your digital newsletter is not.

Are patients receiving the digital newsletter?

Your digital newsletter is sent within the 1st week of each month. These are also sent to patients that have been in your office within the last 18 months.  There are a few reasons why your patients may not be receiving your email:

  1. They may not have an email listed in your PMS or Infusionsoft app
  2. They may have unsubscribed from the mailing list
  3. The email may have sent to their spam folder
    • This may be because the email sender has not been “whitelisted”
How much is postage?

Postage per newsletter is about 30¢. All together the cost for a newsletter (printing and shipping) is about $1.72 per piece.  

Who should I send it to?

We recommend sending your print newsletter to all patients that have been in your office within the last 18 months.

Should I have them in my office?

It is always a great idea to have your own content in your waiting areas! Depending on your office size and locations, we would recommend ordering extras to keep in-house.


Why should I send gifts to patients?

Sending gifts to your patients is something extra, something special, and something unexpected! This small gesture can help you stand out against your competition. Who doesn’t like receiving a gift in the mail?

Who is receiving thank you gifts?

A “thank you” gift is sent to patients that have referred someone to your office.  This acknowledges their trust in you and encourages them to refer again!

What is a “VIP”?

A patient becomes a VIP when they refer a friend to your practice.  We segment patients into 3 tiers: VIP1, VIP2, and VIP3. They enter the 1st tier after one referral, the 2nd tier after the second referral, and the 3rd tier after the third referral.  If a patient refers more than 3 friends or family members they remain in VIP3.

How much do gifts cost?

A card is $1 (not including postage) and the price for gifts vary.  Shipping prices also vary slightly depending on your geographic location.  Please reach out to your Account Manager with any financial questions.


What is a purchased list?

When choosing to do a direct mail piece, you will need to acquire a list of who you would like to mail to! A purchased mailing list is a great option. It would cost about $700 for 10,000 names. Even though the list does come with a price tag - it is targeted to people in your area that are most likely to need your service! Reach out to your Account Manager for more information.

What is every door direct mail (EDDM)?

EDDM is another way to acquire a mailing list for a direct mail piece. In this option, you’d select certain Zip Codes that you’d like to mail to and all “doors” would receive the mailer. The prices vary per location and can be relatively inexpensive. Your Account Manager can help you with more information!

How is Valpak different?

Valpak is the cheapest and easiest way to get your message out to a large number of people. Not all of the leads generated from Valpak are high quality, but we have been surprised by some patients who are very affluent will come into our office.

How much are postcards?

Your final cost is dependent on how many postcards you’d like to print and ship. The printing cost per postcard is about 33¢ and postage is around 22¢. After you’ve purchased a mailing list and decided who you’d be sending to, let your account manager know so we can get a price estimate together!

How much is EDDM postcards?

The printing cost per postcard is about 11¢ and postage is around 18¢. We are able to get a more accurate price estimate after we know the amount of postcards you’d like to send out. Work with your Account Manager to get started and to learn more details!

How much is Valpak?

The cost of Valpak varies depending on how many zones you choose to send to and how many months you sign on to work with them. For example if you choose to send coupons to one zone for a four month contract you will pay $504/zone/month. If you send to 10 zones on a 12 month contract you will pay $240/zone. There are different price breaks depending on how many zones you choose to deliver to. Reach out to your Account Manager to pick your Valpak zones.

What are Valpak zones?

Similar to a zip code, Valpak has specific “zones” they target to send to. You can work with your Account Manager to blast certain zones and skip others.


What kind of events should I do?

Do an event that will excite the community and bring prospects your way. Giving away free food will always attract a crowd!

How much should I spend on the event?

It doesn’t matter! If you can convert 1 or 2 attendees into patients, your event will pay for itself.

How do I gather info from prospects at the event?

A landing page will be created for you via Infusionsoft that will ask for the prospects’ name, email, and phone number. Their info will automatically be stored within Infusionsoft as a Prospect & targeted when you want to email them special offers so that they start treatment.

How do I advertise the event?

Let every other business in your area know when and where the event will be taking place. Have your staff pass out flyers to your local vendors & tell them to bring a friend and that it’s free to come. Advertise to every non-patient that you can so that they can convert into patients.


Why didn’t more patients participate?

There are a few reasons why a contest did not go exactly as planned. First, the contest prize could have been less desired than anticipated. This is a matter of knowing your patients and their interests! If one contests misses - get some feedback from your patients to see what you can try next! Next, the “How to Enter” could not line up with your prize - meaning entering the contest was too much to ask from the patient. Your Account Manager should be able to steer you in the right direction here! Lastly, the communication to your patients may not have been strong. Be sure that ALL patients leave with a Pass-Along Card with contest instructions and that an employee has struck up a conversation about it! If your employees are not excited about the contest then, chances are, they’re not getting your patients excited.

Are my results “normal”?

Results from campaigns and contests vary per client. Variables that can affect outcomes could be: geographic location, amount of office locations, size of office and patient base, years of establishment, length of time with an Ortho Marketing DFY Internal Marketing Plan, etc.

Industry average for email marketing is a 40% open-rate and a 20% click-rate.


What is Infusionsoft?

Infusionsoft is a 3rd party service that provides a platform to automate emails, gifting, lead capture, etc. This service is absolutely essential to the functionality of an Ortho Marketing DFY Internal Marketing plans. Dr. Tyler is the ONLY orthodontists that is a certified partner of Infusionsoft! We have a department that operates in-office to help build, maintain, and update your Infusionsoft application.

Why do I need Dentma?

Dentma is a 3rd party service that links or “bridges” your PMS (Practice Management Software) to your Infusionsoft Application. This system allows for your patients to be sorted into your campaigns, receive automated gifting, etc. If there is no Dentma Bridge, all systems become manual, time-consuming, and run an increased room for error or loss.

What is Ortho-Prompt?

Ortho-Prompt is a new system we have just released to our clients! Previously, an office would receive daily emails to confirm patients that began or ended treatment. These emails tend to be plentify and consume too much time. Ortho-Prompt is our solution to cut down on error and time! We will set you up with an account that you can log into to see your dashboard - all patients that are pending approval in ONE place. If you have any questions or need any help with your Ortho-Prompt - please reach out to your Account Manager.

When are my materials sent out each month?

There are two different “types” of materials that are sent out from your Infusionsoft app. Some are Monthly Materials that change every 30 days or so and the other is party of your Initial Set-Up. The Initial Set-Up materials are created once, approved by the client, and sent out automatically - meaning the materials are only sent when triggered.

Monthly Materials are set to send out throughout the month. Digital Newsletters are sent out the first week of each month. Email Blasts for your contest information or special offers are set to send out the end of the 1st week and the end of the 3rd week. Setting them apart helps to not pester your patients!

ortho marketing dfy reviews
Read What Some Of Our Clients Are Saying About Ortho Marketing DFY
Dr. Mike Wilson of Wilson Orthodontics – Durham, NCDr. Mike Wilson of Wilson Orthodontics – Durham, NC
In the last 3 months working with Ortho Marketing DFY we’ve been able to implement more of marketing systems than I did in the previous 3 years by myself. I’ve been able to check things off my to-do list faster than I thought possible!
Dr. David Muench of Muench Orthodontics – Vestal, NYDr. David Muench of Muench Orthodontics – Vestal, NY
I would have had to hire more employees or spend 12 months by myself to implement the systems that Ortho Marketing DFY implemented in the last 2 months. We just had our best month in the history of our practice and I’m confident that we will continue to grow…
Dr. Derek Straffon, Straffon Orthodontics – Denver, CODr. Derek Straffon, Straffon Orthodontics – Denver, CO
Our word of mouth referrals doubled in our practice after implementing the Internal Marketing Masterplan.
Jimmy Nicholas, of Jimmy MarketingJimmy Nicholas, of Jimmy Marketing
Currently, our company helps 70+ orthodontists with their web marketing. We have referred dozens of the doctors we are working with because of our confidence in the Ortho DFY systems. We have found our clients we utilize Ortho Marketing DFY have increased the number of new patients coming into their practice and starting treatment. On top of that, the team at Ortho Marketing DFY is extremely professional, responsive and friendly.
Dr. Michelle Jorgensen of Total Care DentalDr. Michelle Jorgensen of Total Care Dental
I’ve been working with Ortho Marketing DFY for some time now. I’m continually amazed at how simple the make everything for me. If I have an idea for marketing, they know exactly how to make it happen. But the best part is that I don’t even have to have ideas! They are overflowing with ideas to share and implement, and because they are dentists themselves, they actually use the right words! Their results are incredible and I always look forward to seeing what they are doing next. From online and social media marketing to print and even patient events, they will help you make it happen.
Dr. Dustin Burleson, Speaker, Teacher, Author and Founder, Burleson SeminarsDr. Dustin Burleson, Speaker, Teacher, Author and Founder, Burleson Seminars
After coaching hundreds of orthodontists I know all the reasons why implementing my marketing strategies can be so difficult. Most doctors are busy seeing patients and running a practice and can’t do it all themselves. You really need a team behind you to make this happen. Dustin and Tyler Coles get it. Not only have they used my marketing content and new patient conversion strategies to grow their own successful orthodontic practices, but they have also assembled a great team of professionals that can do the same thing for you. If you’re finally ready to boost your practice with the marketing, management and conversion strategies I’ve created and have successfully used to generate over $300 million in orthodontic revenue for my clients and privately-held practices, you need to stop what you’re doing, run to your phone or computer and get in touch with Dustin and Tyler Coles immediately
Dr. Blake Borello of Borello OrthodonticsDr. Blake Borello of Borello Orthodontics
Dr. Coles was extremely instrumental in developing and helping our practice develop and implement a CONSISTENT referral acknowledgment program. Prior to us working with Dr. Coles, we had done many things in an attempt to thank those that referred to our practice, of which, a lot of my time was required and was hit or miss at best. We now have a system down that takes one of my staff members 20-30 minutes once a week and the referring families are loving it. I would highly recommend working with Dr. Coles on a similar program for any office that values word-of-mouth referrals as they make it simple and effective. Thanks for your help Dr. Coles!
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